Dog Park Rules

  • Owner must remain with their dog(s)

  • Clean up after your dog(s)

  • Fill any holes dug

  • No aggressive dogs permitted

  • No dogs in heat permitted

  • Leash law applies outside area, Co. Org. No. TL04.080

  • Dogs must be currently licensed

  • Users assume all risk related to use

  • All County ordinances apply

Dog Park rules are established to protect you and your dog at the dog park.  If you are unfortunate enough to experience serious dog aggression, you should remove yourself and your dog from the dog park and notify the park rangers of the problem.

Etiquette at the Dog Park

  • Unleash your dog in between the 2 entry gates.  Most dogs are more confident off-leash.

  • Be careful with food.  Dogs get excited around food.  Do not feed anyone else’s dog without their permission.  There are picnic tables outside the dog park as well as in the dog park.

  • Children should be carefully watched.  Kids should not run inside the dog park.  Most dogs chase running dogs or kids, and this can be frightening and/or dangerous for the kids. 

  • If there is a problem or dog fight, exchange information (names and phone numbers) with the owner of the other dog.  It’s only courteous.

  • With shy or very old or very young dogs, avoid times when there are lots of other boisterous dogs playing. 

  • The small dog park is primarily intended for small dogs.  However, if it is empty, large dogs that are shy or poorly socialized can go there.

  • It can be difficult to see dog wastes in the wood chips.  If you find another dog’s poop, please be a good neighbor and pick it up. 

  • Rinse and refill water containers if they are dirty.

  • Use spray water bottles to discourage inappropriate dog behavior, such as excessive barking, mounting, nipping, etc.